Blackalloy™ Self-Feeding Drill

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A model 252-15TPK10 equipped with key chuck, belt drive, motor, optional feed control stop bracket, etc.

The Blackalloy™ Self Feeding Drill can be actuated with air or oil. A simple pneumatic, or hydraulic control system is required to achieve forward and reverse stroke control. This can be purchased separately from Blackalloy™. 

The Blackalloy™ Self Feeding Drill can be equipped with an electric (or air) motor to power rotation of the spindle. It can be configured with a timing belt and pulleys to increase/reduce the RPMs output at the spindle. It can be configured with a sealed hydraulic feed control and stop bracket (as shown). By adjusting the stop bracket, which mounts on a common surface with the drill unit, you can engage the feed control just before contacting the workpiece, allowing the drill unit to stroke rapidly to the workpiece then travel through the workpiece at an adjustable, controlled feed rate. The length of stroke can be reduced using the yellow zinc adjustment nut so that the length of stroke can be optimized to the depth of cut. With the optional pneumatic controls kit, once the stroke completes, the pneumatic limit switch activates the return stroke and the drill unit retracts from the workpiece, returning to the original starting position, ready for the next cycle.

If you prefer, the drill unit can be configured with a direct drive electric (or air) motor mounted and coupled in-line with the drill unit spindle. This drives the spindle at the same rate as the motor. In this configuration, you would need to configure the unit with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to vary the RPMs at the spindle by varying the motor RPMs. This configuration comes with a caveat. Deviating from the nominal RPMs using a VFD reduces the amount of available torque output by the motor. The farther you deviate from the nominal RPMs, the greater the loss of torque.

The model 150/250 series drill units are capable of producing thrusts of up to 182 lbs. with 100 psi air pressure and 364 lbs. with 200 psi oil pressure. The model 350 series drill units are capable of producing thrusts of up to 420 lbs. with 100 PSI air pressure and 630 lbs. with 150 PSI oil pressure. These units are usually used for drilling, reaming, boring and light milling applications, but can also be used whenever simultaneous rotary and linear motions are required. It can be mounted in any position, horizontal, vertical etc.