Drill Unit Components

Blackalloy self-feeding drill units can be equipped with nearly any combination of the following options:

  • Motors to power spindle rotation in AC, DC, and Air configured in either direct drive (in-line coupled) or belt driven with timing belt & pulley configurations selected to target your optimal spindle speed.
  • Various stroke lengths of sealed, hydraulic feed controls are available to provide adjustable and consistent rates of feed while cutting into and through the material.
  • Pneumatic control kits can be configured to provide complete drilling cycle with a single button press for one drill unit or for several drill units in series.
  • Special "pecking" feed controls of various stroke lengths can be supplied and configured with pneumatic controls to provide deep hole peck drilling capabilities.
  • Key type drill chucks, ER-style collet chucks, multiple spindle drill heads, are available to provide the tool holding needed for your specific application.
  • Self-reversing tapping head attachments can be supplied with the self-feeding drill units to fill the need for tapping operations.

Available Components to Customize a Blackalloy™ Drill Unit

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