Adjustable Multiple Spindle Heads

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Multiple Spindle Heads with Variable Center to Center Spacing

Available for Blackalloy™ Series 250 &350 Drill Units

Precision adjustable, these Multiple Spindle Heads are also available with Custom Drill Press Mounts

The adjustable multiple spindle head clamps on the quill and is driven by the drill unit spindle to convert a single spindle drill to a precision multiple spindle drilling unit for close center to center applications. These multiple spindle heads can be designed with 2, 3, 4 and more spindles of various capacities for use on Blackalloy™ Series 250 &350 Drill Units or they can be adapted to many makes and models of drill press. Custom fixed spacing, multiple spindle heads are also available.


The Multiple Spindle Head Clamps on Quill and Driven by the Drill Unit Spindle to Convert Single Spindle Drill to Precision Multiple Drilling Unit For Close Center Applications

  • Designed for use with Blackalloy's Self-Feeding Drill Units
  • Drills Multiple and Different-Size Precision Holes Simultaneously
  • Adjustable Centers and Variable Hole Patterns -- Mounts in Any Position
  • Standard Nominal Maximum Stroke Lengths 1-1/2", 3" & 6"
  • 2, 3, 4 or More Spindles
  • Positive Locking Spindles -- Hardened -- Equipped with Collets
  • Self-Lubricating System
  • Multi-Purpose Applications, other than Drilling
  • In-Line and Fixed Center Models Available
  • Supplied Factory Mounted to Blackalloy Drill Units, or Field Retrofittable


Adjustable Twin Spindle Drill Head
2-Spindle Diagram

Model # 'A' Min. (Center to Center) 'B' Max. (Center to Center) C (Max. Dia.) Collet Size Weight
2C-T5 13.5mm (0.532") 73.5mm (2.894") Ø5mm (0.196") ER-8 8 lbs.
2C-T7 18mm (0.709") 90mm (3.543") Ø7mm (0.276") ER-11 10 lbs.
2C-T10 22mm (0.866") 106mm (4.173") Ø10mm (0.394") ER-16 12 lbs.
2C-T12 26mm (1.024") 126mm (4.961") Ø12mm (0.472") ER-20 16 lbs.
2C-T16 36mm (1.417") 164mm (6.457") Ø14mm (0.551") ER-25 24 lbs.
Dimensions in Millimeters (Inches)

3-Spindle (In-Line)

Adjustable 3-Spindle (In-Line) Drill Head
3-Spindle Linear Diagram

Model # 'A' Min. (Center to Center) 'B' Max. (Center to Center) C (Max. Dia.) Collet Size Weight
3C-T5 14mm (0.551") 88mm (3.465") Ø5mm (0.196") ER-8 8 lbs.
3C-T7 20mm (0.787") 112mm (4.409") Ø7mm (0.276") ER-11 9 lbs.
3C-T10 22mm (0.866") 128mm (5.039") Ø10mm (0.394") ER-16 13 lbs.
3C-T12 26mm (1.024") 152mm (5.984") Ø12mm (0.472") ER-20 19 lbs.
3C-T16 36mm (1.417") 200mm (7.874") Ø14mm (0.551") ER-25 32.5 lbs.
Dimensions in Millimeters (Inches)

3-Spindle (Bolt Circle)

Adjustable 3-Spindle (Bolt Circle) Drill Head
3-Spindle Bolt Circle Diagram

Model # Ø 'A' Min. Ø 'B' Max. Ø 'C' (Max. Dia.) Collet Size Weight
33C-T5 Ø22mm (0.866") Ø82mm (3.228") Ø5mm (0.196") ER-8 10 lbs.
33C-T7 Ø28mm (1.102") Ø100mm (3.937") Ø7mm (0.276") ER-11 13 lbs.
33C-T10 Ø32mm (1.260") Ø116mm (4.567") Ø10mm (0.394") ER-16 16 lbs.
33C-T12 Ø38mm (1.496") Ø138mm (5.433") Ø12mm (0.472") ER-20 23 lbs.
33C-T16 Ø52mm (2.047") Ø180mm (7.087") Ø14mm (0.551") ER-25 34 lbs.
Dimensions in Millimeters (Inches)

4-Spindle (Bolt Circle)

Adjustable 4-Spindle (Bolt Circle) Drill Head
4-Spindle Bolt Circle Diagram

Model # Ø 'A' Min. Ø 'B' Max. Ø 'C' (Max. Dia.) Collet Size Weight
4C-T5 Ø34mm (1.339") Ø94mm (3.701") Ø5mm (0.196") ER-8 13 lbs.
4C-T7 Ø42mm (1.654") Ø114mm (4.488") Ø7mm (0.276") ER-11 16 lbs.
4C-T10 Ø48mm (1.890") Ø132mm (5.197") Ø10mm (0.394") ER-16 20 lbs.
4C-T12 Ø58mm (2.283") Ø158mm (6.220") Ø12mm (0.472") ER-20 29 lbs.
4C-T16 Ø78mm (3.071") Ø206mm (8.110") Ø14mm (0.551") ER-25 48 lbs.
Dimensions in Millimeters (Inches)

Drill Press Mounting

Adapting a multiple spindle drill head to your drill press will require some detailed information from you regarding your drill press. The form link below contains a PDF drawing with a table that must be completed with dimensions specific to your drill press to make sure that your drill head will fit your drill press once you receive it. This is necessary because drill press components and their associated dimensions can vary over time with changes in manufacture, drill press owner, and 3rd party replacement components. You will need to provide these dimensions before we can proceed with quoting your drill press mounted multiple spindle head.

Drill Press Specifications Worksheet