Blackalloy™ "525"
Cast Alloy Cutting Tools
Cut-Off Blades & Blade Holders

Blackalloy™ tools are world renowned for their ability to maintain a red heat edge and resist high impact operations significantly better than carbide tooling. It may be the combination you need to handle the application that has eluded a solution for so long. They are not for every application, but when high speed tooling dulls quickly and carbide tooling does not hold up to the impact loads, Blackalloy™ "525"™ cast alloy may be the solution. In this day and age where production is so important, you cannot have tooling that requires frequent renewal and/or has unpredictable failures. It is unsurpassed in single point tooling.

Blackalloy™ "525"™ is available in inch and millimeter sizes as well as form tools cast to shape.

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