For All Series 150 & 250 Single and Multiple Drill Units
Eliminates Design, Selection,
Purchase and Assembly of Components

One Complete Compact Package, Pre-Piped -- Includes All Pneumatic Components -- Lubricator, Regulator, Limit Switch, Flow Control Valves, Tubing, Hardware.

Performs a single complete drilling or tapping cycle with automatic forward and return stroke, with the push of a button. Just hook up air supply (approx. 100 psi), make a few simple tube connections, and system is ready to operate.


  • Easy Installation -- Requires Only 4 Tube Connections
  • Non-Electrical -- Pneumatic Control
  • Adjustable Stroke, Forward & Reverse, Automatic Return
  • Operates Several Drill Units Simultaneously
  • Can Be Used with Multiple Spindle Heads and Tapping Heads
  • Components Also Available Individually
  • Controls can be Panel-Mounted
  • Field Retrofittable

Special Options:

  • Guarded Foot Pedal Control
  • 2-Hand Anti-Tie Down Control or 2 Push-Button Safety Option
  • Positive Depth Control
  • Forward Stroke Dwell/Timer
  • Electric Solenoid Start/Pneumatic Return
  • Electric Solenoid Start/Electric Return
  • Compact Electrical Limit Switches for PLC Control
  • Special Pneumatic Controls for Peck Model Drill Units for Deep-Hole Drilling
  • Pneumatic Controls for Operating Multiple Drill Units
  • Pneumatic Controls for use with Tapping Heads

Blackalloy Pneumatic Control Kit with 5 Model 150 Drill Units

Notes for the above control diagram:

  • Drill Unit 1 is the master, i.e., it's limit switch acts as the return control for all the units.
  • Drill Unit 1 should be adjusted via its forward stroke flow control to finish its extension stroke slightly after all the other units.
  • Five Drill Units are shown in the drawing but the general arrangement is suitable for from two to twenty units.

Consult Factory for Special Pneumatic Applications

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