Blackalloy™ "525"™ The Spitfire Tool

  • General purpose machining of stainless steel, cast iron, steel, titanium, and most other metals.
  • Can be operated at approximately twice the speed of high speed steel.
  • Stable performance when generating a hot chip.  It performs where tool steels tend to temper and soften, making it ideal for continuous machining tough stainless, work-hardening and exotic alloys where high temperature red-heat applications are involved.
  • Exhibits greater transverse rupture strength than most carbides, can be used where carbides tend to chip and crack such as interrupted cut applications, castings, rectangular or hexagonal shaped bars and high torque cut-off applications where impact strength is required.
  • Easily sharpened with standard aluminum oxide wheels while still offering the economics of increased surface speed over the high speed steel family.

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